What does the Trump administration use instead of emails? Alternative fax.

I promised a blog on the recent actions of Trump and his administration. Yet in the little time between my last blog which guaranteed something on the firing of 59 Tomahawk missiles by Trump in response to the supposed chemical attack from President Bashar al-Assad upon his own people; things have somewhat developed.

So I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that since this event, the US dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat, legislating for extreme tax reform starting with corporate taxes and then moving on to personal income taxes, managed to damage any potentially constructive relationship with Russia, provoking North Korea, while igniting a rhetoric of World War Three. It has been a busy few days for Trump. The good news is that while all this was going on, Trump managed to play the full 18 at West Palm Beach golf course in Florida.

Indeed it seems to me that there maybe a few similarities between Trumps golfing prowess and his international and domestic policy making.

Imagine if you will a lads’ golfing weekend. Although Trump got the invite he said initially that he wasn’t going to come, texting his apologies to a mutual friend in Putin who is the co-organiser. However Trump has heard that Putin’s mate Asad has done some pretty dark stuff and acts upon this. This means that Putin and Trump fall out and the golf trip is off. Not only is the trip off but Trump’s capacity to play golf is under question. To top things off the likes of Kim Jong-un are now threatening to get involved in a golfing trip they certainly weren’t invited on.

I feel that although I may have exhausted this metaphor, this representation of the Trump administrations decision making is reasonably apt. I get the impression that Trump can’t quite appreciate the concept of a foreign policy.

So while international relations are turbulent and the rhetoric of conflict is being broadcast, the President was spotted at Trump International Golf Club on Good Friday morning, marking what is thought to be the President’s 18th day spent on one of his golf courses since entering the White House exactly 12 weeks ago. Mr Trump’s golf trip on Friday came as North Korea’s military threatened a “merciless” response to any US provocation. Although there are reports just this evening that a missile test from North Korea has failed, exploding shortly after launch, they pose a very dangerous threat to America and the wider world. Without sounding hyperbolic, international politics is a very volatile arena where small or big misunderstandings can have huge impacts. Trump however is not making any mid-green slice, but is instead driving a golf ball disguised nail bomb into a nursery. These are big statements from a president who won an election based on a discourse of relative isolationism.

Anyway to have a momentary distraction from the potential of world conflict, the following are jokes that I ran past one of my best friends, whose feedback was ‘they are worthy of a heavy groan’. So here we go:

If you golf on election day – cast an absent-tee ballot.

Golfers would wear wrinkled clothes if it weren’t four irons.

My wife complained about my obsession with golf. I asked her if it was driving a wedge between us.




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