Patient: Doctor, I get heartburn every time I eat birthday cake.” Doctor: Next time, take off the candles.

Some blog subjects come from hours of research, others from reading the newspapers or indeed after talking to people. This one bizarrely came from all three. Similarly some blogs (I’ll be honest) can be hard to think of and to then write. I heard about this particular incident from a friend, before then seeing it on Facebook and in a mainstream newspaper. So what is this incident? Some international disaster? A massive political blunder? Anything to do with Brexit or Trump? No.

A cake sale at Essex University.

Yes you heard me, a cake sale.

Last week I was speaking to a friend on campus when I was told to look on the Essex University Freshers Page on Facebook, at a post put up by the Essex University Feminism society. This post was a picture of a cake sale happening that day and explained it was put on to support the fight against gender inequality, specifically the pay gap. Good principle, well explained and clearly for a good cause. This, however, is when things got controversial.

The bake sale received mixed feedback online, with some praising the idea and others slamming it

Yeah pretty much.

Now I am going to support this post. Not because of the cheap stunt which outraged many including some on the Facebook page and readers of the Sun newspaper, but instead because of the point that is actually being made. There is still an issue of gender inequality in Britain, illustrated through the wage gap that still exists. Now this is fact.

I also agree whole heartedly that this is an issue that should be brought to attention (particularly fond of the cake part). I also think that selling cakes at different prices as a symbol for this inequality is clever. Most people however didn’t understand this and thought that this was purely a bitter stunt by some looney feminists. The anger that this post received both from my fellow students at Essex University and readers of the Sun is, for me, the point of this cake sale. The anger that people felt at being charged more for a cake, is the same emotion that many women feel, not over a cake, but over their employment. Although there is an element of disappointment that the Sun has reported something to do with the University I attend, the cake sale, but more importantly the cause behind it, has been well broadcast.

This was surely the point or you could say the icing on the cake!

Link for article:


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