“Now is not the time for sound-bites. I can feel the hand of history on my shoulder” Tony Blair

I promised a blog on the current state of the Labour party and like a angry three armed postman, I will furiously deliver.

I am a member of the Labour Party. I am also a member of the Essex Student Labour society, my local party back home and was a youth delegate for the conference last year. I obviously therefore have a strong opinion and some invested interest on the current position of the Labour Party.

I would like to make three statements that the media don’t seem to include in the whole ‘Jeremy Corbyn is Stalin with a cat’ campaign. The first is that Labour under Corbyn has received a level of membership which is not only the largest in Europe but reflects a very specific mandate. There has been a constant focus on the clash of opinion from the PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party) and the party membership, this however is not the full story. The threat within this clash comes from the PLP as by the constant efforts to dethrone Corbyn they are undermining the democratic election of a leader, not just once but twice. These two election races have stagnated any progress which could have been made. The single greatest criticism, that Corbyn can’t lead and isn’t putting forward a competent opposition, is created and fuelled by the PLP themselves.

My second statement looks to the fact that the opposition to Corbyn has not just been disruptive to the parties progress but similarly to the polling of the party, which I believe is the product of Corbyn himself not being what the establishment want and need. David Cameron, the Etonian Peter Kay, Thomas the tank engine with a quiff, an airbrushed Elvis, was the perfect marketable prime minister for both the conservative party and the mainstream media. A level of arrogance perfect for prime ministers questions, a forehead shiny enough for political broadcasts and the average level of charm, personality and frankly everything else to make the media actually look to policy. Corbyn is clearly a different breed of politician. Honest in policy, honest in clothing and background, honest in appearance and honest in interviews. Although refreshing to much of the public this simply won’t do for those expecting the put down lines and headline making blunders of bolder political figures. Apart from beige suits, cats and a slightly erotic stare into the middle-distance, the general public don’t seem to have an idea of what Jeremy stands for, what his proposed policies are and his clear view on many controversial issues. Instead of being the Jeremy’s fault surely this blame lies with the Labour Party communication team and the media.

My third and final statement is that you may legitimately blame many people for brexit, but not Jeremy Corbyn. Another main criticism of Corbyn was that he wasn’t clear on his view the referendum. I watched Jeremy Corbyn speak to many news outlets, even making an appearance on the highly popular ‘Last leg’ on Channel 4, to make clear his position on the European Union. Many were outraged as he said he was 7.5 out of 10 on the remain campaign. He later clarified this by saying that he doesn’t agree with everything that happens within the EU, but he still believes in it and looks to reform. Within a referendum where the public were constantly looking for honesty surely this televised interview was a portrayal of both individual honesty and ‘having a view’.

Both the PLP and the media have such a vendetta against Jeremy Corbyn I wouldn’t be surprised to see the headline ‘Communist Corbyn spat in orphan child’s face according to fellow cabinet member’ in tomorrows Daily Mail.

So what will I be trying to do? Embrace the different views within our party which attract so many members to it, support the democratically elected leader and win the next general election to implement a more fair, more prosperous and more honest political ideology into British society.

(Please do search the referenced David Cameron look-a-likes and correct me if I’m wrong)


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