Trump is Putin his foot in it.

So to clarify, the wall is being built, the choice and health of women is under threat, America and Britain are still mates but Russia is the secret crush. Trump has already played his part in this metaphorical relationship, but will a break up be imminent?

Todays meeting between Donald Trump and Theresa May was reported to be uncomplicated, satisfactory and friendly by the papers, but I have a feeling the reality was a nervously bland affair. My evidence for this would be the lack of real quotable sources from the meeting between the two, whether it be through press conferences or a twitter rant. Indeed Donald Trump failed to post anything regarding his meeting with Theresa May although this could simply be a sign that somebody pointed out to him that a woman can be indeed be the elected political leader of a country!

The fact that there is such limited information on whether they agreed on certain issues or whether there was a consensus on Brexit or American foreign policy suggests to me that it was a very organised outcome. That with the impact that Trump has had and the impact that Brexit has in Britain a grey, uncomplicated conversation might do both countries a favour particularly for stability. Much like the comedian Bill Bailey I have always seen America as the school bully going up to other kids saying ‘give us your pocket money’ with Britain behind peering round to say ‘yeah what he said’.  I don’t believe this will change, but now there is a third character, the other bully (yes I’m aware this metaphor has been exhausted). Russia and America have always been similar yet very different. It would take me 6,000 words and some antidepressants to fully explain their relationship, but the ideological difference between the two has always meant a rhetoric of separation and division, no matter how similar their international policy. Now however, there is a real fear that the rhetoric of Trump no longer confirms this frosty relationship but encourages a new found friendship of sorts.

Trump has a complicated history with Vladimir Putin. One minute Trump decides ‘he’s doing a great job’ or ‘we were stablemates, and we did very well that night’, which sound like a different sort of relationship. The next thing Trump is saying ‘I never met Putin, this is not my best friend’, ‘I don’t know Putin’ or ‘I have no idea’; but at least he is being honest about his last statement. Although the claims of campaign hacking from Russia to aid Trump are important and equally worrying, I believe that there is also an international fear that instead of the two bullies working separately, it will be the most frightening double act since the likes of Brady and Hindley, Ronnie and Reggie or Jedward.

Following the result of the American presidential election many Trump supporters were wary of the possibility that Trump would tone down his manifesto. This is presumably no longer a concern as they will be getting what they asked for. Greater devisions, good old fashioned patriarchy and ‘Trupin’. Which is slightly less homoerotic than ‘Pump’.


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