Why are most politicians either in the closet or gay? Because they can only mandate.

I’m so proud of this joke, just saying. Don’t fear there is also a point to this title, the opening week of Donald Trumps presidency.

I was going to have to address it as some point so why not in his first week as president of the united states. I have never been a fan of Trump, as a reality TV star, as a presidential candidate or currently as a president. It appears to me that the most recent media coverage of Trump has been reporting the impact that Trump has had as opposed to the actions themselves.

Todays discussion is focused around the international protests both against Trump and for women’s rights. I support both sentiments behind the protests and conceive that the two are clearly connected, what I struggle with however is that this has meant the coverage of Trumps first week in office has been of his audience, not his actions. Of course there has been some detailing of signing bills and meeting various CEO’s to ‘make America great again’, but in the main the details of his immediate failings as a president have not been reported.

This fuels my anger that many, specifically Piers Morgan on ITV’s Good morning Britain, somehow judge Donald Trump to be an underdog who won a battle against the media and influential figures alike. This in my mind is simply a myth. Of course the ‘liberal’ media of America was forward in their criticisms of Trump but lets face it, it isn’t hard and the fact that the liberal media in America is not necessarily ‘liberal’ at all. My real frustration is that there seems to be a conspiracy of distraction from both American and British media to cover the backlash to Trump instead of the man himself. The case of Madonna making some ludicrous statement about blowing up the Whitehouse enrages me as this only encourages this distraction.

So far Trump has rolled back the Affordable Care Act, frozen all regulations from Obama in process, stopped all federal abortion funding, withdrawn the United States from all Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, stopped all federal hiring; and has similarly told the press he is going to allow Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines and review any environmental commitments saying that ‘environmentalism is out of control’. As well as reports today that Trump is to sign orders restricting immigration for refugees from Muslim countries.

Therefore surely it is about time that the media do there job of reporting these developments and the very real threat that Donald Trump represents to the American people. Gay, lesbian, bi, straight, pro-Trump, anti-Trump, this is a very dangerous man who has the communication of a bitter keyboard warrior, the morals of a bigoted fascist and the policies of a neoconservative dogmatist.

Rant over. Apologies for the lack of humour.


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