My favourite mythical creature? The honest politician.

Over christmas I asked a friend for a joke and this title was offered to me. Although at the time I thought it was bordering on an eye roll and swift change of conversation, it also made me think what this said about the wider state of politics, that this was the first joke he thought of. Not necessarily unexpected however as in year in which we saw Brazil and South Korea impeaching their Presidents, the ongoing Syrian civil war, a failed coup in Turkey, North Korea conducting missile and nuclear tests, Britain voting to leave the European Union, Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election and Donald Trump wining the presidential election, was coming to an end.

The point of this blog will therefore be to try and introduce some such subjects and other current political events, starting however with a joke or pun. Although silly, I look back to the funny story at the end of the news, ‘cat skateboards hamster to safety’ sort of thing, when I was a child and it seemed to put things into perspective, even at such a young age. As referred to, 2016 was a year in which a lot of controversial political event took place. Although I won’t make light of the threats to human rights, political ideology or anything I deem serious, I will report such events in the future, assessing why they are happening, who is involved and what the outcome is. If there are some funny elements to these answers, hey, that’s not my fault is it!

I won’t guarantee any dependable upload time, but be assured when ever there is a large political story, I will write armed with an opinion and a joke (or my effort at one). On the subject of opinions, you’re welcome to have a different opinion and debate is always encouraged, but most of us have positive motives behind such opinions, so lets try and be nice to each other in the main!

So all that remains for me to say in this introductory post is thanks for reading and look out for my next post.




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